About Aro


ARO was founded in 2005, in Barcelona, with the desire to create a new type of sneakers, providing design and freshness. ARO puts a special care in the design of its collections and each season surprises by the great variety of models manufactured in a an artisan way: with multicolored soles, with leather finishes, or combined leather and fabric, in monochrome or multicolored options and with the circular logo crowning each proposal.


Quality, comfort, creativity and love for the job. Aro is both for men and women. There is no age limit in ARO. We are open to the public, without the need to label them.


One of Aro’s most famous model is Joaneta: a sneaker that after 10 years in the market, continues to increase the number of fans. Joaneta is a comfortable shoe, ultra flexible, which plays with the color, the mesh, the sole and also, the logo itself.